Be the stars of your own movie

I believe that each couple is unique and that each film should tell a different story. A story that is special and unique to that couple. As Paris videographer & filmmaker will work with you from start to finish to turn your dream of a perfect wedding or elopement film into a reality.

24 Frames Per Second

This is the standard for all great pieces of modern videography. At 24 frames a second, you get the crispest definition of motion and emotions. That is why it is my standard.

You have most likely landed on this site because you are looking for a Paris videographer that can truly captures your wedding, elopement, or just a romantic memory for you and your loved one in this beautiful city.

Not only do we capture video, but I work with our couples to create a short film for those who are looking to tell their love story with a special, cinematic flair. As filmmakers, capturing beautiful cinematic frames is our passion, and telling your love story using cinematic medium is our goal.

Claire & Michael - London

Videography & Film Style

My film style can simply be summarized by the vintage tone we employ through our vintage glasses but obviously it depend of what the client wants.

You probably know about Paris by watching movies like AmélieMidnight in Paris, or Before Sunset. With our vintage and warm look, this city pops out like a pretty, pre-made film set everywhere you go within this city.

But forget about that for a moment, I want our film to tell your story and show the way that you feel about each other. The fact that your story just so happens to take place in the gorgeous backdrop of Paris (or another beautiful location) is just the sugar on top.

Wedding Film

Jean-Pierre & Anne-Claire - Luberon

Your love story, your emotions, your script

Having a film for your elopement or wedding means that I can capture your emotions, and tell your love story in no way a photo can be. Our film can capture not only beautiful frames but also your interaction, emotions, and your vows to each other.

Imagine a film without sound, it won’t be a film, right?


Paloma & Jesus - Paris

Mini Film

Chloé & Florian - Paris

Wedding & elopement film packages

Each couple is the focus of my film. We aim to have the perfect balance of emotions, fun, and cinematic shots. Together with our vintage style storytelling, I want to make each and every short film a piece of art that you will cherish for years to come.

  Elopement Film / Mini Wedding Film

I join you in your adventure anywhere you choose for your elopement. I film your day and record your vows with optional drone footage.

4 - 5 hours of coverage

Starting from 1500€

  Full Wedding Film

24 frame per second, the definition of a cinematic film. My wedding films captures your emotion, your movement, your vows. And my goal is to tell your story and show the way that you feel about each other in a cinematic way.

8 - 10 hours of coverage

Starting from 2500€

  Mini Film Session

For lovebirds who want to capture a small casual film together, I do have an option for you! My mini-film session usually lasts for 2 hours and the film run time is anywhere from 0:45 to 1:00 minute.

Starting from 500€

Traveling and Destination Elopements

Not only do I specialize in Paris elopements, but I am also destination photographer/Videographer as well. Whether it be Spain, Portugal, England, Italy, Argentina, I will be happy to capture your love story as a motion picture.