Hello there!

What a pleasure to see you here!
If you landed on this page it's because we're going to take some amazing photos together!

As I have surely already told you, my goal is to be able to give you a great memory and a beautiful experience which I will take care of!

This is why I would like to leave you 8 tips that will make a BIG difference and a positive impact on the result!

Let's go !

1. Dress comfortably.

Sounds obvious, doesn't it ?? And it is not. It wouldn't be the first or last time that a couple has come to a shoot in super heels or a jaw-dropping shirt. To take pictures, it is essential to feel comfortable. You don't have to come on flip flops either! , but with clothes you feel comfortable in. We all have a favorite piece of clothing that we love, probably if you wear it, you'll be right.

2. Relax!

It is highly possible that the first few photos will seem a little artificial and stressful to you. Keep in mind that a photoshoot is like going out to play a match, it's important to warm up and get up to speed. I assure you that the photos of the first half hour of session are not the same with the last of the day. Little by little you will be more relaxed and everything will be much better and more natural!

3. Look at photos before the shoot.

It doesn't have to be photos of the photographer who is going to make the shooting. Any job you love will be perfect. In that way you'll remember expressions, movements, or even poses that come out later without realizing it. It is very, very interesting that you have an inspiring little photo album on what you would like to do during the shoot.

4. First a coffee, then some photos.

Almost certainly one of the most important tips. Never go to a shoot without spending even a moment talking with your photographer about anything with a coffee or a little beer on table. There is nothing weirder than arriving at your chosen location and starting to take pictures. Half an hour, even 15 minutes to talk, laugh and get to know each other better is always the best way to start. That the camera does not start shooting without breaking the ice!

5. Keep open mind!.

Some couples come up with very closed ideas. You should always be in the hands of the professional you have chosen. If you place your trust in his work, I assure you it will be the photographer who going to find an even more incredible result with you. I always use the same example, when we go to the dentist we don't tell him how to remove a tooth, we simply let him do his professional work. The same happens with photographers, you have to trust him and everything will be perfect!

6. With a little touch of "style" we live better.

Each person is different and has their own style. But clothes are probably one of the most important points when it comes to getting a good result. Keep in mind that the colors chosen, the materials and the combination between the two are a big part of the results. If you're not used to worrying too much about what you're going to wear, you might have a fashion-loving friend or acquaintance who can lend a hand. Ask for advice or ask your photographer! Depending on where the photos are to be taken, one color or another will be better.

Personally, I always send a little inspiration album with lots of style and outfit options.

7. Traveling taking photos.

Visiting a lost town or beach with your photographer is one of the most fun things you can do. That's why it's always cool to pick the location together, based on what you like and what the photographer knows will look great in photos. When we step out of our comfort zone, everything is new and our creativity explodes. A romantic getaway with photos, pfff it's just perfect !!

8. Connect to each other .

The key to a good photoshoot is that you love each other and you're having a good time together. If you can be yourself, you will have achieved the most difficult thing. Try to take refuge in the gaze of the other, kisses, hugs and confidential laughter will create a unique environment where you are the protagonist, as if there is no one else in front of you. And above all, don't be ashamed to do what you want to do! The photos are for you, for no one else! Do what comes to your mind, but always side by side. When a couple is able to show the true love they have, everything else comes on its own, and of course it shows!


Throughout the entire shooting the photographer is your friend. Talk to him, interact and ask everything you want. If you work as a team the result will undoubtedly be spectacular. Try not to see him as a stranger, but as a coworker you went out with to have a good time!