How nice to see you here! If you are here now it is because we've had the opportunity of make a shooting together, which makes me very happy!

As surely I have already told you, I am in France since two years ago, about 10,739 km from the city where I've lived (Tucumán - Argentine) and I have come with the illusion of growing professionally in Europe, meeting super talented people, learning and working with them.

Until today I have made a lot of effort to adapt and learn this beautiful language and I feel that every day I like this incredible country more, which to be honest, has welcomed me with open arms from day one.

It is also true that we cannot live only on illusions and we need to be active, productive, and look forward with big projects in mind, and for that reason I've brought you to this website.


My most ambitious project in this moment is to make a bilingual short film (Spanish - French) in Paris, in fact that is the reason why I have a French residence permit (Carte de Séjour Passeport de Talent).

But of course, sometimes at the beginning it can be difficult to make big projects when we have started from scratch in a place where nobody knows us or nobody knows what we are capable of doing.

That is why I will be infinitely grateful to you if you could make a donation to support my projects.

Feel free to contribute what you can, for me it will be incredibly useful anyway!!


They say "People who helped us along the way will be present throughout our lives" and I completely agree.

The day I finish my project, you will be the first one I will remember and therefore you will be invited to one of the screenings of my film, either in person or online.

And if life crosses our paths once again I will be happy to return the favor by doing the best I know how to do, photography and video, but surely with more enthusiasm, more knowledge and more equipment than the first time !!

Without more to say I let you access to PAYPAL link where you can make the donation you want!

Good continuation and many many many thanks !!! :D


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